Merry Christmas 2020

Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone!

This is going to be a short post, as I’m sure everyone has better things to be doing on Christmas Eve than reading my ramblings.

It’s a weird Christmas, that’s for sure.  Being separated from family, friends, and all the things we associate with the holiday is rough.  We’ve all been under incredible stress this year and it’s not letting up for the holiday season – it’s only getting worse.

But it will get better.  We will get to see our loved ones in person again, instead of through a screen.  We will get to hug our friends again – I’m a big hugger, so that’s a big thing for me.  All those traditions that make the holidays what they are will be back in full force.

These are dark days, literally and figuratively.  But humans have been surviving dark winters for millennia.  We know how to do this.  We light up our homes with candles and baking fires against the darkness and chill, we eat rich, sumptuous foods to show the winter we don’t fear going hungry, we sing songs and tell tales and mend our clothes and sharpen our knives to fend off the stillness and prepare for the warmer days that we know will come.

So eat, drink, and be merry!  Enjoy your pies and cookies, ham and turkey, roast potatoes, and puddings.  Have a cup of wassail – I’ll be toasting to you and with you (in spirit).  Sing your favorite songs, tell your favorite stories, and remember this one because one day your children or grandchildren will ask about the Covid Christmas.  Feel free to embellish it as you like.

I realize I’ve missed some other winter holidays, but please take this as a belated wish in that case – have the absolute BEST holiday you possibly can; the merriest Christmas, the happiest Hannukah, the most joyous Yule, and the best anything-else-I-missed.

I’ll be back posting for real next week.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everybody!

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