Can I Interest You in a Stimmy Song?

Hi again, folks!

As you can probably tell, I am definitely not recovered from my burnout episode and I’m having real trouble keeping up with the blog. I’m working on it, I promise.  But my pseudo-vacation was marred by three days of my worst migraine in about five years (did you know a release from stress can trigger them, too?) and I’ve been thrown yet another curveball in my day job and, well, to put it nicely, I’m not handling it too well.  I have a few posts in the works if I can ever get my brain to focus for more than three minutes at a time again.

In the meantime, I’m trying to soothe my brain with lots of stimmy music, so let me share that with you!

I’ve written about my favorite stimmy songs a couple of times before.  All of the songs on these lists are in heavy rotation these days:

10 of My Favorite Stimmy Songs

10 More of My Favorite Stimmy Songs

I have some new favorites as well.  I’ve recently become minorly obsessed with Be More Chill (and I swear I have a post coming about it because it’s the greatest neurodivergent representation I’ve seen in ages!) and it has great songs like these:

And, as I’ve been working my way through all the Discworld novels, I’ve found these gems:

So what do you do to bring your brain back from the edge of collapse?  What soothes, calms, and reconstitutes your sensory system?  Any tips, tricks, or small rituals would be appreciated.

Thanks for sticking with me.  I’ll be back as I can. Everybody stay safe and healthy!

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  1. Adelaide Dupont

    September 18, 2021 at 7:31 am

    Really loved the Discworld songs and still making up my mind about the Be More Chill songs.

    Some of my stimmy songs include Schlager and showtunes and bossa nova.

    And Chopin concerts from Zelawowa – a village near Warsaw.

    What I did to bring my brain back from collapse was to read about forests and good deeds from an ethical bank.

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